The aim of the group is so everyone has someone to chat to whatever the time of day, lads from all over the world can join. You can join in as much as you want or simply just watch the messages to get your fix of cock and arse.

  • Make new friends and never be bored.
  • Adult chat with like minded lads.
  • You can put pictures and videos in the group.
  • You can just watch and read the convo.
  • This is un-manned, I am not managing the group – so play nice.
  • Basic rules – nothing illegal and don’t try to sell or promote anything.

Donation required to be added to the group (No minimum Donation – this is for everyone)
This donation covers my time to admin and add people and is invested back into the playroom.

Send your mobile number – make donation on the next screen and ensure it matches your name here and I will add you asap.
Normally within a few minutes if I am awake.