When ever you complete a task send me the details or picture. 

These are tasks for my slaves to complete, some are easy some are a little more difficult and some are just here for my fun and to humiliate you. Do not take risks. Do not get arrested. 

1. Picture task – send a picture of. All your toys, from your sex box! Let’s see what you slags are using. 

2. To do task – go commando for a full day, at work or a day out! 

3. Picture task –  send me a picture of your cock soft and hard. You can wear a cock ring. 

4. To do task – wear a butt plug while you go food shopping (it must be plastic) tell me how long you could hold it in. DO NOT GET ARRESTED

5. To do task – describe the dirtiest sexual experience you’ve ever had. 

6. Picture task – send a picture of your greedy hole! This will appear on your profile. 

7. To do task – wank as many times as you can in one day, drain those balls boys.

8. Picture task – send me a picture of a cock in your arse.

9. To do task –  abstain from wanking, for 3/4/5 days, on the first day after abstaining  wank as much as you can all day and spunk in a glass and send me a picture at the end of the day 

10.  To do task –  Put on your favourite kit and do a striptease and send me it. This will remain private. If you want it exposing on my twitter, you need to message me and give your full permission, otherwise it will remain private and I will message you directly about it.