One on One

The Playroom

Every meet is different but the structure is always the same.   You go into The Playroom, wear what you want (or what I leave you out), the full mask on. Then wait………….. 
Use the form below to select what you want to experience. Once we have finished I will leave the room, you have a shower or get sorted and leave.  I will send you the edited video to approve.

The Cell

You go in the Playroom, wear what you want (or what I leave out), the full mask on.   Then wait……….

Use the form below to select what you want to experience.  The session always starts the same with you stood in front of the cell restrained.  Once we have finished I will leave the room, you have a shower or get sorted and leave.  I will send you the edited video to approve.


You come in the Playroom to the Gloryhole, you drop your pants. I sort the rest, step back at any time and I will stand up.  Once finished you leave.

Ideally I want to film parts of your visit and make a video for twitter and other other sites.
(Masked anonymous option see below) 

Important Information – Read before you book!

How old do I have to be to visit the playroom?

18+ if you look or act under 25 I will ask for proof of age before you visit.

What can I expect?

Every visit is different, this will be discussed before your arrival OR you can come with no plan and submit to being a prisoner and let me do as I want. 

How long can I stay?

You can either book one hour or choose to stay overnight.

Are all meets anonymous?

Yes,  you will be left a mask to wear at all times during your stay, this will either be with or without eye holes dependant on what we are doing.

Do you film all meets?

I like to film bits of all meets to appear on twitter and to use as promotion for The Blackpool Playroom and The Cell. All videos are anonymous and your face will never be shown.  If you have any tattoos you want me to avoid let me know before.

What happens to the video?

I always send you a copy of the video for you to check and approve before it goes on Twitter, you are free to use the video as well.  The video will be used on my twitter and any other site I choose.  

Is the playroom a public place?

No, its private, only people who I have invited will be here. 

Does it cost to visit the playroom and cell?

Anything that happens between consenting adults is all FREE and always will be. But the Playroom is expensive to run and all the equipment costs a fortune, I ask for a donation towards new kit and/or you buy something from my wish list on my website.

Do I get a safe word?

You will be given 2 safe words,  “Chicken” use this to stop what is currently happening and move on.  The 2nd safe word is “STOP” this will stop the whole session.  I will leave the playroom so you can get dressed and leave.

Can I sit behind the glory hole all day?  

No, realistically the playroom can have 3/4 people visit per day, so you would have a long wait between visitors.

Can I be a Cum Dump all night? 

No, what you asking me to do there is arrange a load of Top lads to visit, this is not my thing.


The Playroom has a bathroom with a shower which you can use if you wish before you leave.


I am in Blackpool, free parking outside the playroom, discreet entrance. Roughly 10 mins walk from Blackpool North Train station.

Why would you ask me health questions?  

I may ask you your weight and health conditions.  This is because the sling and some of the restrains will only hold a set weight.  I don’t want a situation where you may become ill whilst you are  here.

Happy with all the above? 
Complete the form below, I will then contact you for a text/whats app chat.  Please do not complete the form if you are not 100% genuine. (I have a zero policy and will block)