Annual Membership – £20 per year or
Limited offer Lifetime Membership – £50 One off
Thank you and welcome.

As The Blackpool Playroom and Playroom Retreat gets bigger and attracts more attention, its become more important that people who visit or intend to visit are members, this then allows it to be  Private Members Club, which allows it to be exclusive for bi/gay/curious males only without discrimination laws.

This can be totally anonymous – just put your twitter name below and I will contact you through Twitter Direct Message.


  • You can attend any Group Event at The Blackpool Playroom or Playroom Retreat
  • Lifetime membership to The Blackpool Playroom – Private members club, this means you never have to sign up for the yearly membership fee ever! (Worth £20 per annum)
  • Full access to the website, inc blogs, updates and progress.
  • Unlimited access to all my full length videos. (Worth £20)
  • Unlimited access to my SuperFan site.
  • Added to Whats App broadcast list for unseen playroom footage. (Optional) (Worth £10)
  • Keep up to date on all progress monthly via email. (Optional)
  • You’re helping create a safe place for lads who think like me and you for years to come.
  • If you live outside the UK – you are helping create a space for you to visit if you ever visit the UK
  • Opportunity to join me in a fuck fest.

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